TL:DR; aka the short version: Email your W-9 and invoices to

If you are a contractor or provide services to BATS, invoices should be submitted, approved and paid via You do not need to set up a account, but doing so may help you get paid faster.

A new account will be created for you the first time you submit an invoice by email. You will receive an email inviting you to sign up for direct deposit. If you’d rather receive a paper check, you can ignore this email, and paper checks will be sent out to you instead. (Paper checks take longer.)

Submitting Invoices

To submit your invoice, attach it to an email and send to

Please do not cc invoices to the MD or the bookkeeper, as you may have done in the past. If you have questions about this process, or wish to follow up on an invoice that you have submitted, please email

Submitting W-9s

We must have a current W-9 on file for you. If you have not submitted or resubmitted a W-9 within the last year, or if your address has changed, please submit a new W-9 ASAP.

You can download a blank W-9 from here:

To submit your W-9, attach it to an email and send to

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