Here are the steps to participate in the Volunteer Rewards Program:

  1. Identify the class that you would like to take. This includes the name, coach, start date, and location.
  2. Look at our show calendar and identify an exact list of dates you can commit to volunteering for, equal to the number of class sessions you will be taking. If you are applying for a 6-week Foundation class, these means you will need to find 6 separate dates you can volunteer for. They can happen concurrently to your class session dates, but they must be completed by the last class session!
  3. Email with two pieces of information: First, the class you’d like to sign up for, and second, the dates you can commit to volunteering.
  4. Wait for a confirmation email! There will only be 1 space available in any class that this program is valid for (see information above), so it is possible that you might have to wait for another class. The registrar will also be checking to see if you correctly followed steps 1-3 (that your class and volunteer dates are valid).
  5. Once confirmed, follow the sign-up link that will be sent in your confirmation email, and sign up for your volunteer dates.
  6. Email registrar@improv to confirm you’ve completed step 5. Without this email from you, you will not be sent instructions on how to enroll in your chosen class.
  7. Follow e-mailed instructions for how to enroll in your class. At this point, it will be up to you to show up for your first shift! More information will be sent to your regarding your class about 48 hours before it is set to begin. You will receive confirmation on your successful enrollment via Eventbrite. 

Please take careful note: Once you commit to your volunteer dates, they are set — you cannot change them. If you miss one, your dates will be forfeit, and you’ll lose your spot in the class. Our house managers keep track of volunteers for the shows each night, so we will be informed if you do not show up.

Why? In the past, we’ve found that it feels easy to cancel or change dates when you know you’ll be taking a tuition-free class down the line. This makes it really hard for us to track your volunteer hours, and complicates our enrollment process for your class.

We want this program to reward you for your volunteering hours, so we need to make sure that both you and we can commit to when those will be happening! Please treat them as you would any other meeting or promise.

Questions, or ready to get going? E-mail

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