Improvised Theatre
Simply put, improvised theatre is theatre that’s created on the spot without a script. The BATS style of improvised theatre is unique in the improv landscape — a one-of-a-kind blend of theatre, comedy, and acting that’s quite different from stand-up or sketch comedy. Our style has been described as radical cooperation in action.

Audience Participation

Usually, we like to draw inspiration from our audiences by asking them for suggestions to start our scenes. Occasionally, we may ask for audience members to come up on stage to participate in a scene or game. When we do, it’s completely voluntary. We love our audience members, and we treat you the way we’d want to be treated. We’d never put you on the spot or drag you onstage.

Want to participate from your seat? Great! Every show has some element of audience suggestion, and we encourage you to shout it out!

We produce improv shows in a variety of formats. Our shortform shows (usually on Fridays), like our signature competition Theatresports, are fast-paced, exciting, and highly interactive. If you like variety and lots of different stories in one night, our Friday shows are for you.

Our longform shows (usually on Saturdays) are full-length, narrative, genre-driven stories based on audience suggestions. The experience of going to a BATS longform show is like going to a play or movie — and because it's improvised, it’s extremely engaging, if not downright hilarious.

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