I agree to help make the improv classroom a safe, supportive space for mutual spontaneity by:

  • taking care of myself
  • taking care of others, and
  • sharing my concerns.

More specifically, I will:

  • Be mindful of the physical limits of the human body, mine and others.(NEVER lift anyone without asking)
  • Let the coach/class know about my injuries, illnesses, or personal boundaries that need others' awareness.
  • Not engage in stage combat/intimacy without training and consent.
  • Not give notes or critical feedback to my classmates, unless invited.
  • Speak up when content or behavior makes me uncomfortable, so the coach can facilitate a conversation.
    (If it doesn't feel right to speak up in class, talk to the Coach, the Dean, or any member of the Safe Space Team after class.)

BATS Improv is fully committed to creating and sustaining an artistic and professional environment free from any form of harassment or illegal discrimination. Visit our Safe Space Team page for more information, including the BATS Improv Harassment, Illegal Discrimination, and Relationships Policy.

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