Often times, our students form strong bonds in class and wish to continue studying improv with the same people. If the existing schedule of classes doesn't allow for a group to continue on together, we're happy to consider adding another session of classes. 

For us to best accommodate your group, we ask the following:

The group must have a minimum of six students committed to registering for the class. This is our minimum for all classes, so this guarantees your session won't be cancelled.

The group must submit 2-3 options for session dates to the office. The options should fit within our existing slots, e.g. weekly on Wednesdays 7-10pm, Sundays 11am-2pm, etc. The office will then respond with what's available in our space, and after confirming with the group representative, proceed with booking a coach and setting up registration. NOTE: If the group wishes to continue with a specific coach, please check session dates with them before contacting the office to confirm their availability.

The group must make the request at least four weeks prior to the first proposed class session. This allows for one week of scheduling and logistics, and three weeks of lead time for other students to join. NOTE: The new class will be added to the website and is open to all BATS students - we are not able to accommodate private groups at this time.

When your group is ready, contact the office at bats@improv.org.  Classes will be scheduled at the discretion of the Dean, taking into account already scheduled classes and whether the addition will have an adverse effect on previously scheduled offerings. Thanks for your interest, and we look forward to seeing you in class!

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